Why Gifted Education?

Regular education in our schools does not traditionally cater to academically talented individuals. Often, gifted students enter school each year at the grade level of their same-age peers having already mastered much of the required basic curriculum. Schools lack flexibility in structure and organization to allow for appropriate differentiated instruction to meet the needs of gifted students. Educators lack the training in gifted education resulting in many gifted students sitting in regular education classrooms waiting to be challenged while others learn what they already know. They can feel isolated and unappreciated. This is a tragedy if we consider that it will be our gifted students who are expected to be our future leaders, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. Society needs gifted individuals who are prepared to fulfill these roles and who have the necessary skills to take on the demands of our future. We need to provide for and challenge our greatest minds through educational opportunities that will allow gifted students to apply their vast knowledge to tasks that require higher level thinking and creative problem solving skills. When gifted students are challenged at their instructional levels they make significant gains in achievement and their social and emotional well-being is enhanced. It is the responsibility of our schools to provide the most appropriate gifted education that will meet the unique needs of each gifted student. Consequently, gifted students will thrive and our societal needs will be met!