About Dr. Judith Mosse

Dr. Judith Mosse - Gifted Education Consultant and SpeakerDr. Judith Mosse has been in the field of gifted education for more than 38 years as a Gifted Support Teacher and recently as a Gifted Support Facilitator, K-12 in the Armstrong School District located in Western Pennsylvania. She retired from this role at the end of the 2015-2016 school year with plans to stay involved in gifted education. Dr. Mosse has served on the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) Board in various positions including: Western Affiliate Coordinator, Vice President, President, Historian and Secretary. Her involvement at the state level as a member of the Gifted Liaison Network afforded her the opportunity to help the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) write the Gifted Guidelines published in 2004. This document has served as the foundation for subsequent revisions as changes were made to the state regulations for gifted students, Chapter 16, in the past several years. Dr. Mosse has also presented at numerous state conferences, local school districts, PAGE affiliates and universities on subjects such as identification procedures for the gifted, writing Gifted Individual Education Plans (GIEPS), differentiated instruction for advanced learners, social and emotional needs of gifted students and more. Her undergraduate work at Indiana University of Pennsylvania was in the field of elementary education but it was during her graduate studies and after the birth of her gifted son when she became devoted to the needs of gifted students. Her doctoral studies at the University of Pittsburgh involved extensive research in gifted education and she now continues to read the latest literature and research written about gifted learners. Dr. Mosse’s expertise in gifted education gave her the opportunity to partner with Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) and PDE in developing training modules that will be used for the staff development of both pre-service and in-service teachers. She also served on the committee for PDE that developed guidelines and competencies for a state gifted endorsement. Dr. Mosse is always very willing to share her expertise and experiences with others who share the passion in meeting the needs of gifted individuals.